Rather than making the drones smarter, we’re making the environment smarter

Jeremy Soh, Lead Engineer
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3D-AMM: Our 3D Airspace Management Model

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Precision Autonomy is creating an airspace solution for the future.  Alongside others, Precision Autonomy is integrating 3-dimensional spatial positioning system into unmanned air traffic management. We intend to allow customers to book and reserve airspace along 3D roadways controlled by airspace managers, so unmanned traffic is able to flow seamlessly and efficiency.


One drone and real-time telematics

We will start using this 3D roadway spatial awareness to test one drone in a captive airspace. We intend to test how our patent pending technology interacts with UAVs and other sensor inputs to update data in real time.


Using 3D-AMM to manage captive airspace

After the initial trial phase, we intend to test 3D-AMM as an orchestration model to allow chief operators and airspace managers to manage fleet traffic in a captive airspace.


Singapore ports: Case Study


As part of the planned global launch of 3D-AMM, we are exploring use cases in the port of Singapore. As one of the most populated ports in the world, Singaporean ports are facing congestion and slowed operations. We plan to use 3D-AMM to create 3D roadways for specific flights throughout the port. These UAVs can perform manual tasks like mail delivery and asset inspection to clear congestion as well as conduct anti-smuggling surveillance, and more.


The future of 3d-amm

We know that one of the largest issues facing UAV operators is flying safely and we address this by helping to map airspace dynamically and holistically.  With the goal to embed safe practices on behalf of our operators to set up 3D roadways for each flight and encourage allowances for flights beyond the visual line of sight.