Click to claim

How do I file a claim?

To file a claim on pay.per.fly desktop navigate to the dashboard home page. The widget labeled 'Flights with Incidents' will display all flights marked as needing incident claims (this is completed post-flight on pay.per.fly mobile). Double click the desired flight and click the blue Make Claim icon. Fill out the notes briefly describing the incident and then click Submit.

Why can't I file a claim in pay.per.fly desktop?

If you cannot file a claim on pay.per.fly desktop it is likely because you were invited by the Chief Operator or Admin as a pilot. This account has certain restricted permissions like filing claims or approving missions. To change the status of your permissions please contact us at support@precision-autonomy.com

I don't see the flight I need under Flights with Incidents

If you don't see the desired flight in the Flights with Incidents widget, try reloading the page. If it still does not appear this may be because the user either did not select the correct status post-flight in the pay.per.fly mobile app, or it did not save. Flights cannot currently be edited post-submission, so please contact us at support@precision-autonomy.com for assistance.

What should I put in the Claim notes?

You can put a brief description of the incident and any information you particularly wish to alert insurers to. However, we have given all relevant data to insurers so they can organize the claim payout.