add mission laptop grab cropped.png provides on demand drone insurance - minute by minute.

Our leading flight management and data intelligence software mean you only pay for what you need, when you need it. You tell us when you’re flying, and we’ll ensure you’re covered.


How it Works

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All in one place

Assign missions, manage assets and track pilot performance with ease.

Our flight management software puts you in control of your assets, missions and data, on one dashboard.


Fly with Any Asset

No limit to the number of drones, payloads and pilots in your fleet.

Fly with any drone of your choosing on

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Real-time flight recording

Connect to missions on the go using the app.

Pilots record accurate flight data to the minute, so you only pay for cover when you fly.

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Manage your fleet

Monitor your assets to ensure pilots are flying with safe and functional equipment.

Schedule maintenance or archive assets to suspend them from missions.


Maximise your Flight Data

Analyze detailed flight data to identify key information like pilot performance, asset health, and location mapping.

Use data insights to keep track of customers and contracts for easy invoicing and analysis.