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Streamline  operations in one dynamic space

A drone deployment platform for any desktop

Operators can create missions, manage UAVs, capture flight information, and much more on the desktop software. Our handy dashboards remind users of any outstanding items like UAVs needing maintenance, unclaimed flight incidents, or pilots without certifications. Every flight, pilot, payload, and UAV can be examined down to the most minute piece of information, so our users have full transparency into their operations. seamlessly builds the communication link between pilot and asset manager.

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Manage on the go

Use our in-field smart device app to automatically sync mission plans

Create a mission in our desktop software and connect to it with one tap on our in-field smartphone app. 

Our app will capture real-time flight data such as duration, weather, flight path, and battery life, which is displayed post-flight in the desktop software.

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You fly safely - we want to prove it

Our unique ratings algorithm creates bespoke star ratings based on flight history 

Our pilots receive a unique star rating based on their flight performance history. This rating is based on over 200 factors in our ratings algorithm, designed to give operators the most carefully considered rating. These ratings can be used as a record of your safe flying to show any enterprise client.

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Take the hassle out of claims

Use our Click to Claim feature to file insurance claims instantly

Had an accident while flying? No need to worry - on our software, operators can file an incident claim instantly. Claims are sent to our insurance partners' verified underwriting teams right away. We give our insurers the relevant flight information to automatically verify claims so our operators wait less for payouts.