Pay-as-you-go and Pay-how-you-go Risk Management Solutions for Insurers

No risk is created equal.

At Precision Autonomy, we analyze human, machine, and environmental factors so each risk is priced intelligently and dynamically.


Data insights for insurers to intelligently price risk based on actual usage


Augmented intelligence to build a profitable risk portfolio and price dynamically



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A portal designed for insurers to manage and price risk in the UAV industry.

Automate critical processes like premium collection, claims, and daily admin with pay.per.cover.


Capturing premium by-the-minute provides insurers with the platform and data intelligence to offer commercial drone operators ‘pay as you go’ insurance by the minute.


Managing Policies

The pay.per.cover Insurer Portal provides unique data insights, critical metrics, and dashboards to assess portfolio risk and profitability.

Access detailed portfolio reports to manage any number of small policies from the pay.per.cover dashboard

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Accelerating Claims

Our data intelligence speeds up the claims process by a wide margin.

Through our platform, insurers have paid claims in as little as 13 hours as opposed to the 35+ days standard claims can take to process.


Data Insights

Our smart data insights provide a deeper look into policy activity and pilot performance.

Insights are populated from our proprietary risk ratings engine, which measures 400+ relevant factors in flight records to calculate bespoke ratings.

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Working with Brokers

pay.per.cover gives the option to provide both a direct and a broker insurance solution


Financing and Leasing

pay.per.cover delivers data intelligence to assess financing and leasing applications. Usage-based data can calculate residual values like an ‘odometer’ for drones.


Interested in our dynamic ‘Pay How You Go’ insurance?