Insuring and Financing IoT that moves

Pay-as-you-go and pay-how-you-go risk management and data intelligence solutions for insurance and finance companies.

At Precision Autonomy, we analyze human, machine, and environmental factors. This allows each risk to be priced intelligently and dynamically. Our unique risk analysis factors in the shift from human to machine risk.

Data intelligence for insurers to price autonomous risk based on actual usage


Augmented intelligence to build a profitable risk portfolio and price dynamically

How it works

We built a platform that…


Collects and augments usage-based data beyond telematics


Provides intelligent risk scoring



Embeds insurance into everyday transactions

Delivers insurance services through APIs to end customers

Our solutions

We started with commercial drones…

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pay.per.cover for Insurers

By the minute ‘Pay as you Go’ insurance

Platform to analyze portfolio risk and profitability

Portal to manage policies, pricing and claims

Digital transactions including premium collection and remittance

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pay.per.cover for Operators

‘Pay as you Go’ (by the minute) activation for any drone or payload

Customer, contract, pilot, and asset management system

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Our partners

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