Our Vision

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At Precision Autonomy, we want to accelerate the world's safe adoption of autonomous technology. We are designing solutions for the future of unmanned vehicles that further innovation while ensuring social good. Our cloud-based drone deployment, asset management, and UAV insurance platform embeds compliance and data intelligence so our customers can fly safely and effectively. 


Cutting-Edge  technology

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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all your drone management needs. We are a dynamic data platform that makes drone deployment, asset management, and insurance services available at your fingertips.  Best of all, we charge per flight minute only, so our operators only pay when they're actually flying - only fair right?


Envisioning the future

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We pride ourselves on our sophisticated UAV data services and technologies, but we also see beyond the hardware. We are part of a co-innovation of a 3D Airspace Management Model (3D-AMM) that has the power to revolutionize how autonomous vehicles interact with their airspace. We are looking to create a smarter environment for UAVs to be safely integrated into our daily lives. 


Our dedicated team

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We are a diverse and driven team based all over the world. The PA team always seeks to collaborate with the emerging ecosystem of experts in research organizations, aviation, insurance, government and more to realize the vision of autonomous technology as an ethical, cross-cultural phenomenon. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service to any person or party interested in integrating unmanned vehicles into their lives and businesses.