By the minute drone insurance.

Insuring IoT that moves. Real-time.



Pay as you Go

By the minute drone insurance

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For insurers and financing companies


capturing premium by the minute

Providing insurers with the platform and data intelligence to offer commercial drone operators ‘pay as you go’ insurance by the minute

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accelerating claim payouts

Claims intelligence improves the speed of paying claims. Through our platform, partners have paid claims in as little as 13 hours rather than 35+ days

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managing many small policies

The insurer portal provides unique data insights, critical metrics and dashboards to assess portfolio risk and profitability.

It also removes the high expense ratio of managing many policies through digital transactions

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working with brokers

pay.per.cover gives the option to provide both a direct and a broker solution

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financing and leasing solutions

pay.per.cover provides insurance cover aligned with lease terms. It delivers additional data intelligence to assess financing applications. Usage based data can be used to calculate residual values like an ‘odometer’ for drones

For operators

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 Free up cash flow for your business by paying for the exact amount of minutes you fly.

What’s covered



Annual ground coverage protects against risk to assets while not in flight.


For a low base rate, you can insure assets on the ground to protect against risks related to public liability and accidental damage.



Operators download the pay.per.cover iOS app to activate full flight liability cover.


This protects operators against risks while in flight such as any damage to your equipment or 3rd party liability risk.

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How to activate

Plan and assign missions to in-field pilots via the iOS app. Flight data is captured and synced to the cloud for faster insurance processing.


Swipe to purchase

At point of flight cover has never been so simple. Just review the details in the iOS app before flying and swipe to activate.

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Auto-add assets

Speed up the insurance process with handy features like auto-adding assets and pilots to policies.

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Click to claim

Experienced an incident while flying?

Simply flag the flight status as ‘Incident’, take photos of the damage, and Click to Claim in the app. This creates an automated report to insurers for faster claim payments.

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Manage your fleet and your business

pay.per.cover goes beyond insurance solutions.

Manage missions, customers and contracts, assets, pilot performance, and even easily invoice DaaS operations.

With data intelligence, enterprise operators can optimize missions and view key flight data for invoicing or analysis.

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Precision Autonomy PTY LTD is not an insurance carrier. Precision Autonomy works as an agent of QBE Australia to offer insurance cover on the pay.per.cover platform. This offer is only available for operators in Australia with a valid ReOC; terms and conditions apply.

Pay how you Go

Insuring IoT that moves. Real-time.


Unmanned Transport Robotics + IoT

Drones Shipping


We have real world insights from our ‘pay as you go’ drone insurance. We plan to enable profitable dynamic insurance and finance pricing for IoT that moves, and embed that into digital distribution transactions globally.


Making sense of unique usage data

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Our underwriting experience allowed us to create risk pillars to organize usage data for more accurate real-time pricing of IoT things that move.

Our patent-pending real-time data ingestion design goes beyond telematics, using edge computing and stream processing to capture relevant data.

‘Pay how you Go’ insurance


Every risk has a price.

With augmented machine learning behind our multi-dimensional risk framework and algorithms, we provide intelligence for building a profitable risk portfolio.

APIs for the autonomy economy


Our APIs allows insurance to be embedded within day-to-day digital transactions, so end customers are automatically protected at the point of purchase.

Scale distribution know-how


What’s different about us is our founders have scale distribution know-how and the partnerships to embed our solution into digital transactions, so insurance becomes ‘invisible’ in the consumer experience.