Pay how you go


Drones Shipping Unmanned Transport Robotics + IoT

We have real world insights from enabling ‘pay as you go’ drone insurance. We plan to facilitate profitable dynamic insurance and finance pricing for IoT that moves, and embed that into digital distribution transactions globally.


Making sense of unique usage data

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Our insurance application for drones allowed us to create risk pillars to organize usage data for more accurate real-time pricing of IoT things that move.

Our patent-pending real-time data ingestion design goes beyond telematics, using edge computing and stream processing to capture relevant data.


Pay How You Go Insurance


Every risk has a price.

With augmented machine learning behind our multi-dimensional risk framework and algorithms, we provide intelligence for building a profitable risk portfolio.


APIs for the ‘Autonomy Economy’


Our APIs allows insurance to be embedded within day-to-day digital transactions, so end customers are automatically protected at the point of purchase.


Scale distribution know-how


What’s different about us is our founders have scale distribution know-how and the partnerships to embed our solution into digital transactions, so insurance becomes ‘invisible’ in the consumer experience.