Insurance made for you


We had a pretty bright idea ...

Operators often struggle to manage insurance costs, as income varies according to the volume of jobs they are contracted to perform.  We thought: what if, rather than paying flat rates, operators could pay for their UAV insurance only when they are actually using it? What if they could pay per every flight minute instead? We thought that was a pretty good idea, so went ahead created pay.per.cover.

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Simple as one swipe

Operators can purchase flight insurance with one swipe on our smart device app for any drone, on any mission, using any pilot, once they enroll in pay.per.cover. Flight details are automatically sent to verified underwriters to insure at the point of flight. No waiting, no surprise fees, and no distractions. 


Click to claim

Filing an incident claim can be a lengthy process, especially for UAVs. Our software embeds claims verification with photo and flight data. This means that when our operators file automatically generated claims reports from the app to our underwriting partners, the entire process is accelerated, so operators get the payouts they need faster.


Become a disruptor


We did the math. The insurance market for commercial drones is projected to reach over over $2 billion by the year 2020. Drone technology is evolving rapidly, creating demand for collective safe flying practices and insurance against damages or liability. Pay.per.cover captures user flight data and turns it into valuable insights for the insurer to manage policies, collect premiums, and more accurately price risk.

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redefine your margins

Insurers have limited data to profitably price premiums and verify claims for UAVs. As a result, insurers are experiencing high loss ratios and undergoing lengthy processing labor. Pay.per.cover is designed to automate daily practices like premium collection and policy management. Claims are verified with photo data and accelerated by pre-generated reports sent from the operator containing all relevant details. Our insurers are armed with the knowledge they need to operate efficiently and profitably.  

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The Precision Autonomy Insurer Portal gives insurers access to bespoke reporting and portfolio management tools. Easily analyze an overview of your business from the portal's dashboard. View in-depth portfolio reports of all assets, policies, and upcoming renewals. Search by any pilot, UAV, or policy number to see an updated activity report with premium captured listings. Insurers can also use our Smart Data Insights feature to track overall performance and inform annual re-pricing - all on one intelligent portal.


Corner a new market

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By partnering with Precision Autonomy, insurers are able to diversify their portfolio by insuring non-traditional assets. Policies and pricing are backed by actual flight data and user experience. Insurers can increase their positive engagement with users by automating and accelerating operations, while promoting safe flying practices across the UAV industry.