human ingenuity taken higher

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Fueled by data

The powerhouse behind our operations is data. Mission plans created in desktop software are logged in our database and connected to our in-field mobile app with a simple tap. With every flight our system becomes more sophisticated, giving our operators the most intricate insights.

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An innovative ratings engine

Operators on the platform can now receive a unique pilot star rating calculated by our ratings engine. Over 200 factors are used to assess an operator's rating. This analysis produces the most nuanced and considered rating to show employers, financiers, insurers and friends!

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Usage-based insurance

Operators are getting hit with sky high premiums and lengthy claims processes for UAV incidents - but no longer. We take the hassle out of insurance, allowing operators to pay per flight minute and file claims with one click.

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Book airspace, fly safely

At Precision Autonomy we believe in ethically enabling automation. That's why we are always looking for ways to ensure that our users are flying safely and knowledgeably. We're looking at airspace down to the most minute data point to find the safest and most efficient flight paths for our operators.