Be confident that you and you assets are protected, whether they’re on the ground, or in flight.


Ground Policy


An annual ground policy protects you and your assets against public liability and accidental damage even when they’re not in flight.

Accidental Damage

Provides coverage for accidental loss or damage to your assets while they’re on the ground.

What’s covered:

  • Assets in transit by road

  • The hull or drone

  • Camera & payload

  • Sensor equipment

  • Ground equipment or remote pilot stations

Public Liability

Offers legal liability and privacy liability coverage for your business. This protects against claims for any invasion of privacy contained within an advertisement, broadcast or telecast.


Flight Cover


Your on-demand flight insurance protects you against any damage to equipment or third-party liability risk when your assets are in the air.


Covers you and your pilots against the risk of damage to your drone, payload, or sensor equipment.

Third-Party Liability

Pilots and primary policy owners are also protected against 3rd party bodily injury liability and / or 3rd party property damage.