For Insurance Brokers

We know writing drone business isn’t always profitable – that’s why we built an end-to-end digital quote-bind-issue platform so brokers can spend little time and have policies issued in minutes.

Enterprise grade coverage – Operators expect flexible, comprehensive coverage at the right price. High Hull & Liability limits allow your clients to be covered for any operation, no matter how complex.

Paul Precision

Our Quote Portal

Precision Autonomy’s quote portal is designed for insurance brokers and operators get an insurance quote within minutes. Operators & Brokers simply fill out an automated quote form, and Precision Autonomy’s patented risk-rating model calculates the risk and the subsequent price.

This allows drone operators to get back to what they do best – flying drones.

What value does Precision Autonomy bring to brokers?

Automated risk analysis

Our algorithms analyze all of the key areas of risk: human, operation and technology, which allows for more dynamic and precise pricing that provides competitive benefits for both broker and operator.

Broker Integration

Our auto quote-bind-issue system can be integrated seamlessly into the broker workflow with ease, allowing brokers to get instant quotes & bind policies.

Reduce time to quote

Precision Autonomy automates critical processes related to quoting, binding and issuing drone insurance policies. This allows underwriters the time and space to be more responsive to the more valuable & complicated risks presented by insurance brokers.

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