Accelerating the safe adoption of autonomous technology, today

Precision Autonomy uses software and algorithms to create a dynamic, value-driven insurance experience for an increasingly automated world. We are focused on practical solutions for commercial drones today, with a vision of building commercial global technology solutions for real time, dynamic pricing of risk based on operational variables across air, water, and land robots.

Our history

Precision Autonomy launched in Australia–where early small aircraft regulation dates back to 2002. We’ve completed beta trials with global partners, and are now enabling insurers and reinsurers to offer ‘Pay as you Go’ drone insurance with our robust technology platform and integrations.

Our leadership

Our founders have 20+ years of insurance and capital markets experience from startups to leading multinationals, including diverse backgrounds in technology, finance, marketing, design, and risk management. Precision Autonomy’s difference is not only in our technology stack but also our business processes and scale distribution experience.

Our Future

Precision Autonomy is actively expanding our footprint globally. We’re introducing intelligent, algorithm-based technology and workflows to global partners through trials and full program launches in the US, APAC and Europe, and our API integrations are turning our technology into not just an insurance solution, but an ecosystem for commercial drone logistics and data tracking.

Our Leaders

Mark Halverson – Founder & CEO

Building on 25 years as a partner in a global consulting firm running multiple practices in North America, Asia, and globally; Mark is now focused on developing a portfolio of leading edge technology solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and robotics.  With his amazing global team he is shaping an ‘On Purpose’ infrastructure to create moral and ethical bounds around the design and operation of all types of autonomy.

Leanne Seeto – Strategy & Operations

Leanne has worked in Sydney, London, and Tokyo in multi-national insurance and capital markets corporations. She has worked with teams to launch competitive go-to-market strategies defining brand, PR and market proposition with results in sales, P&L management and customer advocacy. Leanne brings her MBA and Board delegated management experience to work with our teams to create our executable innovation strategy. Her passion is for our people and the public on the journey to safely welcome autonomous solutions.

Our Team

Simon Hooper

Head of Underwriting

A tireless, driven professional who leads the world in drone insurance and aviation underwriting expertise, with incredible insight into Sales & Distribution.

Ernest Mueller

Head of Engineering Operations

Ernest, an incredibly intelligent engineer with over 20 years of experience in various companies, large and small, has implemented our agile and lean processes and imprinted it in our culture.

Jeremy Soh

Senior Technology Architect

A Doctor in Mechatronics, Jeremy is our wizard who brings our technology to life and architects our code.

Ethan Gillespie

Full Stack Developer

Ethan is a developer with six years experience. He's worked alone and in large teams, and loves building robust systems that provide easy user experiences.

Timothy Sutherland

Timothy Sutherland

Dynamic Pricing Analyst

Tim is an Underwriter, and Marketer who works to a fresh perspective to modernise the sales, distribution and marketing of drone insurance.

Mitchell Hamill

Undergraduate Risk Engineer

Our young gun, Mitch brings an amazing mathematical mind to solve the complex problem of developing our drone insurance and risk management framework.

Roject Luo

Lead Developer

Roject has over 10 years of development experience in a number of different languages and development environments.

Jeff Wang

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Jeff is a full-stack developer with over a decade in designing, developing and implementing modern web applications at scale.

Next Steps

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