For Operators

We believe in only paying for insurance when you need it.

We use our state-of-the-art software and algorithmic technology to provide customized pricing, so when you’re safe and good at what you do, you pay less, and your business receives rapid payouts when you need them most, all in just a few clicks.

In addition, our powerful backend and fleet management technology helps streamline operations for enterprise drone teams and growing drones businesses.

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For Insurers

Automated risk assessment for drones and autonomy.

Our platform is taking the guesswork out of insurance pricing for new technology, and enabling profitable management of large numbers of small policies. Insurers leverage our powerful backend and technology integrations to receive smart, actionable, unique data from processes tested in the real world.

Our solution allows our partners to get a complete picture of what they’re insuring, at a micro and macro-level.

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Our Technology

Precision Autonomy uses software and algorithms to create a dynamic, value-driven insurance experience for an increasingly automated world. We are focused on solutions for commercial drones today, with a vision across sensor-enabled, digital and autonomous technology in the future.

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Operator benefits of and the Precision Autonomy platform

  • Decrease costs – The majority of organizations operating commercial drones (both large and small) save on pay-as-you-go insurance vs annual policies
  • Quick payouts – Insurers have paid claims in as little as 13 hours through our platform compared to the industry standard of 35+ days
  • Streamlined compliance – Our platform helps with both insurance and fleet management, our cloud and mobile app based processes make it easy for organizations to operate intelligently
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