An inspired purpose

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At Precision Autonomy, we believe in the crazy ones. We want to change perceptions around autonomous technology and empower others to do the same. We go beyond just developing and implementing technology solutions. Whether you represent a corporation, drone-operating business, insurance agency, or another part of the venture community that creates new convergent markets and jobs, we’ll work with you to help realize your vision for autonomous capability.


Our founders

Mark Halverson - CEO 

Leanne Seeto - CMO / COO

Cliff Seeto - Managing Director Asia Pacific


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A dedicated team


Our team come from a variety of backgrounds with an array of distinct experiences and are dedicated to helping Precision Autonomy churn all across the globe. We are privileged to work on an array of exciting projects in the autonomous technology space, including a 3D Airspace Management Model being trailed in Sydney and Singapore, our state-of-the-art drone data platform in Austin and New York, and much more.


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