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Drone insurance tailored to the needs of your business.
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Insurance designed for you

At Precision Autonomy, we believe insurance should be tailored to your needs.

Using our ground-breaking flight management system, you tell us when you’re flying, and we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Ground – For a low base rate, insure your assets even while they’re not in flight, to protect against public liability and accidental damage.

Flight – When your assets are in the air, protect against risks such as damage to equipment and 3rd party liability.

Annual Insurance

System Benefits

For year-round coverage and complete peace of mind, Precision Autonomy also offers Annual drone insurance.

Hull Coverage for all assets
Insure all of your assets for accidental damage, on the ground and in flight.

High Liability Limits
Flexible and comprehensive liability limits to cover every type of drone operation.

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