5 Drone Stories making news

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1. Wing will deliver library books to kids in isolation

The Washington Post reported this week that Wing, owned by Google parent company Alphabet has teamed up with a local librarian to deliver books to kids in isolation. Read the whole story by clicking the link below.

2. US Army release report on swarming drone uses

The US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory Guidance Technologies Branch has implemented a one-of-a-kind outdoor motion-capture system for multi-agent unmanned aerial system testing.

To find out more and download the report visit’s_Largest_Outdoor_Optical_Motion-Capture_System/citation/download

3. Drone Acrobatics without a human controller?

UZH Robotics and Perception Group have taken drone flying to a whole new level with this test using an autonomous quadrotor to fly extreme acrobatic manoeuvres with only onboard sensing and computation.

4. Africa’s Drone Medical Delivery Service Saves Lives

The Centre for Global Development last month hosted a virtual seminar to share insights from new work being carried out by Zipline to help Ghana and other countries in their COVID-19 response supply chain.

Watch the webinar via the link below or read the summary on the Insead Humanitarian Research Group

5. Drone technology helps researchers count turtles on the Great Barrier Reef

Biopixel, one of Australia’s premier filming companies specialising in natural history behavioural sequences, has been working with researchers at Raine Island to conduct accurate turtle population surveys via drones.

The drone vision captured in December 2019 as part of the Raine Island Recovery Project showed up to 64,000 green turtles around the island waiting to come ashore and lay clutches of eggs.